Boutique Hotel in Downtown Toronto

House Rules


George Street House Rules

These rules are set in place to ensure we operate a clean and safe hotel for all guests.

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1.     No SMOKING or DRUGS (including weed) inside the apartment or house. Cigarettes may be smoked outside on deck but please discard butts in container provided.

2.     No pets.

3.     Shoes off, especially on carpets.

4.     No parties, events or loud music. Dinner parties are OK with a few extra guests but please be quiet after 10pm. A $600 inconvenience fee will be charged if these rules are broken, plus any damages.

5.     Quiet after 10pm and before 8am. This includes inside the apartment, on the deck, and outside, in front of the house.

6.     No extra guests that have not been pre-approved. 

7.     Please leave the property in same condition as when you arrived. If anything breaks, spills or stains, please let Athena know so she can repair for the next guest. Be mindful not to smudge walls. 

8.     Please keep bathroom fan on and door open after shower/bath to prevent mold.

9.     Do not move furniture unless absolutely necessary and please be careful not to scratch wood floors. Lift heavy objects and use coasters on wood surfaces..

10.    Do not bother other guests in house or neighbours. 

11.    Always lock apartment and outside door with key (not bolt). Close and lock deck door when not home. Keep a set of keys in the lockbox at all times in case a repair person needs access. Be sure to always scramble and close lockbox properly. 

12.    Please follow recycling and waste disposal instructions in the Welcome Book.

13.    Check out time is 11am and unfortunately exceptions cannot be made so that the next guest can check in on time. Guests who remain past 11am will pay a late fee of $50 for any part of the first hour and a minimum of $50 per hour for each additional hour as well as any additional costs incurred by the Host in facilitating the Guests' removal from the premises and/or caused by their late departure. Sorry to be strict but since we are a boutique hotel and we don't have extra space to accommodate special requests.

14.    No candles or fire of any kind.

15.    Using more linen than have been laid out may incur extra costs. 

16    Follow check out instructions posted below, on wall in apartment and in the welcome book.

17.    Athena, repair person or person acting on her behalf has permission to access if repairs need to be done or if apartment must be shown to prospective tenants or buyers. 24 hours notice when possible.

If any of these rules are broken an inconvenience fee, plus damages, will be charged.


how to check out


1.   Checkout is no later than 11am or a fee will incur.

2.   Kindly remove all personal items and garbage from apartment including fridge, countertops in kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and deck. Trash needs to be in garbage or recycling (clear or white bags). If you put garbage outside in bins, ensure you use the correct bins, and have not littered. 

3.   Please tidy the kitchen by washing pots and pans, putting dirty dishes in dishwasher and removing all perishable food items. 

4.   Deflate and fold air mattresses.

6.   Please ensure all 8 keys have been returned or a $50 fee per set will be charged.

7.   Kindly lock apartment and house door.

8.   Last, please key back in lockbox and scramble the code.